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AspImage 2.x

About ASPImage

ASPImage allows you to create images on the fly from ASP. Features include:

  1. Create GIF* (RLE encoding only. Loading of GIFs not supported) JPG, PNG, BMP, TGA and PCX format images.
  2. Modify existing images (JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA and PCX)
  3. Gradient fills
  4. Animated GIF creation
  5. A large variety of draw methods
  6. Transparent PNG and GIF

What's New in 2.x

  1. Loading existing PNG, TGA and PCX files is now supported
  2. Creation of WBMP files for WAP is now supported. Loading of WBMPs not supported
  3. Better behavior under IIS 4.x w/MTS.
  4. Many new methods including Blur, Contrast, Emboss, Sharpen, Wave
  5. Multiple methods for resizing. Resize provides a quick method to shrink images while ResizeR produces a resized image by resampling (and therefore takes a little longer).

ASPImage Installation

To use this ASP component move the DLL into a subdirectory (like \winnt\system32 for NT or \windows\system for Win95). Please use the version of regsvr32 that is included with this component or the version that comes with Microsoft ASP (they are the same version).

To register the component on the system change to the directory where you installed the DLL and type:

regsvr32 aspimage.dll

Simple Image Example

Using the component is as simple as

  1. Creating the object
  2. Setting a few properties
  3. Calling the SaveImage method

The following code demonstrates how to use ASPImage from VBScript. In this example we'll create a text image that say's "Welcome to" with a gradient fill.

  Set Image = Server.CreateObject("AspImage.Image")

  rem Set various font parameters
  Image.FontColor = vbBlack
  Image.Italic = True
  Image.Bold = True
  Image.FontName = "Arial"
  Image.FontSize = 12
  Image.PadSize = 10

  rem Calculate how big our text info is and set the image to this size
  rem  This has to be done since we want to fill the area with a gradient
  strMessage = "Welcome to"
  Image.MaxX = Image.TextWidth (strMessage)
  Image.MaxY = Image.TextHeight (strMessage)

  rem Create a one way gradient
  Image.GradientOneWay vbRed, vbWhite, 0

  rem Print our string to the image
  Image.TextOut strMessage, Image.X, Image.Y, false

  rem Set the filename and save
  Image.FileName = "d:\inetpub\wwwroot\images\msg1.jpg"
  if Image.SaveImage then
    rem The image was saved so write the <img src> tag out for the browser to pick up
    Response.Write "<img src=""/images/msg1.jpg""><br>"
    rem Something happened and we couldn't save the image so just use an HTML header
    rem   We need to debug the script and find out what went wrong. See Image.Error for details
    Response.Write "<h2>Welcome to</h2>"
  end if

By testing the result of the SaveImage method we can determine if the image save was successful or not. If something happened that causes the image not to be saved it probably means the script is saving the image to an invalid directory or a directory where write rights do not exist.

GIF Animations

Images can be loaded or manipulated and then as these modifications occur you can save them to an animated sequence using the call AddImageToAnimation. A simple example of GIF animation can be found in soianim.asp which is included with the eval zip file for AspImage.

About purchasing ASPImage

  1. The license fee covers only one CPU per license. The product may be purchased online from

About Upgrades

  1. Users can upgrade for free for minor version changes. For example, upgrades from version 1.00 to 1.99 are free. The upgrade from 1.99 to 2.0 may carry an additional license fee.
  2. How to get upgrades
  3. The latest version of the components are always available at   If a fee is associated with obtaining the upgrade it will be noted on that page.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade the component from a previous version please follow these steps:

  1. Stop all IIS related services such as Gopher, FTP and W3SVC.
  2. Change to the directory where the component is located and type "regsvr32 /u aspimage.dll"
  3. Move the new copy of aspimage.dll to the current directory and type "regsvr32 aspimage.dll"
  4. Restart any necessary IIS related services.

Common Problems 

Failures reading and/or writing image files.
Check directory security and make sure that the IIS user (authenticated and/or anonymous) has security permissions that allow read/write to the directories in question. The same problem may occur when using the AddImage method. If this fails make sure the image file is valid and that proper security permissions have been granted for the component to access the file.

Questions about AspImage

The browser is caching the image so my image is not updated on each request. What can I do about that? Web browsers tend to cache images. This is a browser problem, not an AspImage problem. The only solutions we know of are the following:
  1. Add a question mark and randomly generated number after the image file name, like:

    <IMG SRC="/Images/MyASPImageFile.jpg?12837192">


  2. Set Response.Expires = "0"
  3. Use the Response.BinaryWrite as demo'd in the binwtext.asp sample script included with AspImage. Write an HTML wrapper that calls the ASP file as an image source tag as

    <img src="/myapp/myimage.asp">
    This method works for most browsers (it fails with some IE / Netscape versions). The only other solution is to...
  4. Create random filenames and then erase the images created during the Session_OnEnd event. This method works for all browsers.
  5. Add a meta tag to your ASP file <meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache">. This will not work in ASP files that use the BinaryWrite call.

Please do not write asking for help with this problem. We cannot do any more than point out the problems associated with these browsers and suggest workarounds. If you need further assistance please contact the browser manufacturer to find out where you can get support for their product. If you want to complain about the problem please contact the browser manufacturer and ask them why their caching algorithms are flawed. ;-)

What color constants are defined by VBScript? The standard color constants are:
  1. vbBlack
  2. vbRed
  3. vbGreen
  4. vbYellow
  5. vbBlue
  6. vbMagenta
  7. vbCyan
  8. vbWhite
You can, of course, add your own constants to your scripting code. For example:
  vbGrayText = &80000011
How do I resize and maintain the aspect ratio? Something like this will do the trick:
Sub ResizeX (intXSize)
  Dim intYSize
  intYSize = (intXSize / Image.MaxX) * Image.MaxY
  Image.ResizeR intXSize, intYSize
end sub
I'm calling SaveImage but nothing is getting written out. What's wrong?


I am getting "Cannot create file"

There are a few possible reasons for this:
  1. The path you specified is invalid. Fix the path and retry.
  2. The user context the component is operating under (either the anonymous IIS user or another account that has been authenticated) does not have write privileges to the directory you specified. Go into file manager, right click on the directory, select properties, select the security tab and then permissions. Make sure that any users which will use the component have privileges to write to the directory.
  3. The file you are trying to write to is open in another process.

You can check the Error property for O/S result codes that identify problems after an attempted save.

I set the AntiAliasText property to false but it still looks like the text is anti-aliased. You are using JPEG encoding and color bleeding is possible with JPEG encoding. The only option is to use another graphic format.
How do I use Adobe Type1 fonts? This is only possible under Win2K. NT4 does not support this. To add Type1 fonts using AddFont seperate the PFM and PFB filenames with the "|" character. Do not put spaces anywhere in the font path string. AddFont will return a TRUE value if the font was successfully added. The AspImage Error property will return Win32 O/S result codes if an error occurs. 

Reasons for failure to add the font include:

  1. The path specified is invalid
  2. Lack of security for the authenticated user/anonymous user to read the font file
bolResAddFont = Image.AddFont _

if bolResAddFont then
  Image.FontName = "Courier-Oblique"
  Response.Write "Failed to add font. O/S Error was: " & Image.Error
end if
My image is 2 or 4 pixels larger than what I am setting MaxX and MaxY to. Set PadSize property to 0 (zero) immediately after creating the AspImage object.
ResizeR is much slower than Resize. What can I do to increase the speed? ResizeR resizes by "resampling" and is much slower. There is nothing you can do to speed the call up except put faster hardware behind it. 
When I create a new image pixel 0,0 is the wrong color. That's because pixel 0,0's color was set already to a particular color (usually black) and you resized the image. Pixel 0,0's color was not reset. If you want to have pixel 0,0 set to another color then after you resize you can:
  1. Set pixel 0,0 to a specific color using SetPixel
  2. Use FillRect to fill the entire image with another color
  3. Use FloodFill to fill an area including 0,0 with another color
How do I convert HTML colors to RGB colors? HTML colors are easily converted to RGB values using the VBScript RGB function.

For example the HTML color #E2BBF3 can be converted to RGB as follows

Image.GradientStartColor = vbWhite
Image.GradientEndColor = RGB(&hE2, &hBB, &hF3)
After I load an image how do I find out the Height and Width of the image loaded?
"Image Height = " & Image.MaxY & " - Image Width = " & Image.MaxX
I add an image but it doesn't automatically resize the image. What's wrong? AspImage only resizes automatically when text is added. There are a number of possible scenarios a user might wish to occur when an image is added and so we do not automatically resize the image in this event. You can manually resize the image if you choose to.
Why doesn't AspImage support GIF? Unisys differentiates between servers and workstations in their GIF licensing policies. In the case of Web servers, they expect the operator of the Web server to pay $1500 a year to allow dynamic generation of GIF images. Our suggestion is to avoid GIF. We don't support GIF LZW (Unisys) under any conditions.
Is it possible to set the color used by commands such as Rectangle and Ellipse? See the PenColor, PenStyle and PenWidth properties.
When I draw and ellipse (or other shapes) I don't want the background image to be modified. Set 

Image.BrushStyle = 1 ' set brush style to "clear" rather than 0 which is "solid".

Do you support non-TrueType fonts / PS type fonts? No, there is no direct support for non-TrueType fonts. You will have to test your fonts using the FontName property to see if your non-TT fonts work.
The AntiAliasText property does not seem to work with smaller fonts. AspImage uses the Win32 O/S calls to antialias text. The following notes are provided by Microsoft MSDN: 

"Windows NT 4.0 and later (Win2K): Font is always antialiased if the font supports it and the size of the font is not too small or too large.

"Windows 95 and later: In addition to the comments for Windows NT, the display must greater than 8-bit color, it must be a single plane device, it cannot be a palette display, and it cannot be in a multiple display monitor setup."

Customer suggested workaround: "When you need correctly antialiased text in a font-size below the critical antialias-level, just multiply the needed font/imagesize by -say- 3 (I used this factor and it works fine) Let AspImage make your image in the normal way, but before you save the image use ResizeR to scale the image down by 3. This makes perfectly antialiased text in smaller fontsizes. I thought I'd let you know, because this workaround can extend the usability of your product.The extra step of resizing the image may be a problem for some users, but I think most users will appreciate it when this workaround will be added to the documentation." (MvH)

Are alpha channels supported in the tga format No

Technical Support

If you require technical support please see our tech support page at

ASPImage Properties

Property Description
AntiAliasText The AntiAliasText allows you to create anti-aliased text on the image. By default AntiAliasText is false.


Image.AntiAliasText = True
AutoClear AutoClear is true by default. Once an image is saved the current image is cleared. By setting AutoClear to false you can retain the existing image after a save to continue working with it.


Image.AutoClear = false

AutoSize AutoSize determines whether or not an image should be clipped when a draw request that falls outside of the images current coordinates occurs. If AutoSize is true then the image will be enlarged to handle the request. If AutoSize is false then the draw request will be clipped to fit within the current image.


Image.AutoSize = False
BackgroundColor Integer value specifies the background color for NEW image manipulations. It does not magically set the "background" to the specified color.


Image.BackgroundColor = vbWhite
Image.ClearImage 'now clear the image to white.
Bold True/false value determines if font is bold or not.


Image.Bold = True
BrushColor The BrushColor property determines the color of the brush. (available in version >= 1.8)

Image.BrushColor = VbRed

BrushStyle The BrushStyle property determines the pattern painted by the brush.
Value Type Description
0 Solid A solid hatch
1 Clear A "clear"/empty hatch
2 Horizontal A horizontal hatch
3 Vertical A vertical hatch
4 FDiagonal A 45-degree downward, left-to-right hatch
5 BDiagonal A 45-degree upward, left-to-right hatch
6 Cross A horizontal and vertical cross-hatch
7 DiagCross A 45-degree crosshatch
DPI Get or set the DPI value for JPG and BMP files. (available in version >= 2.27)

Image.DPI = 96

Error The Error property is used to report any errors that may have occurred during various method calls.


Response.Write "Error: " & Chart.Error
Expires If the component is an eval or beta version the expires property will return the date that the component quits functioning.


Response.Write "Component Expires: " & Image.Expires
FileName The FileName property specifies the physical path where a file will be saved using the SaveImage method.


Image.FileName = "d:\inetpub\wwwroot\images\abc.jpg"
FontColor The integer FontColor specifies the color of the font.


Image.FontColor = vbRed
FontName The string FontName specifies the name of the font.


Image.FontName = "MS Sans Serif"
FontSize The integer FontSize specifies the size of the font.


Image.FontSize = 12
Image Image is a read only property that contains the binary data for the current Image. You can use this to write the binary data directly to the client rather than using the SaveImage method. Your application design should dictate the best method to use. From ASP you can use Response.BinaryWrite to write this image data to the client. Be sure and set ContentType to the proper content-type. Currently the Image property only supports JPEG or PNG data. See the included file BinWText.asp for an example of how to use this property. Set the ImageFormat property to JPG or PNG before using this property.
ImageFormat ImageFormat determines what graphics for the image will be saved to. The default value is JPG. Valid values are
  • JPG = 1
  • BMP = 2
  • PNG = 3
  • WBMP = 4 (version >= 2.20)
  • GIF = 5
  • TGA = 6 (version >= 2.26)
  • PCX = 7 (version >= 2.26)


Image.ImageFormat = 5
Image.FileName = "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\images\logo.gif"
Italic True/false value determines if font is italic or not.


Image.Italic = True
JPEGQuality If the ImageFormat is set to JPEG then the JPEGQuality property specifies the quality of the JPEG image to be saved. Valid values are 1-100.


Image.JPEGQuality = 95
MaxX The MaxX property determines the X size of the image.


Image.MaxX = 100
MaxY The MaxY property determines the Y size of the image.


Image.MaxY = 100
PadSize The PadSize property allows you to automatically placed horizontal and vertical padding around text.


Image.PadSize = 5
PenColor Color determines the color used to draw lines on the canvas.


Image.PenColor = &h80000011
PenStyle Style determines the style in which the pen draws lines.
Value Type Description
0 Solid A solid line.
1 Dash A line made up of a series of dashes.
2 Dot A line made up of a series of dots.
3 DashDot A line made up of alternating dashes and dots.
4 DashDotDot A line made up of a serious of dash-dot-dot combinations.
5 Clear No line is drawn (used to omit the line around shapes that draw an outline using the current pen).
6 InsideFrame A solid line, but one that may use a dithered color if Width is greater than 1.
PenWidth Width specifies the maximum width of the pen in pixels.


Image.PenWidth = 2
PixelFormat Determines the bit depth of saved images (JPG and PNG are always 24bit). In memory manipulation of images typically occurs in 24bit mode and by default images are 24 bits. (available in version >= 2.25)
Value Description
2 4 Bit
3 8 Bit
6 24 Bit
ProgressiveJPEGEncoding ProgressiveJPEGEncoding determines whether an image can be progressively displayed when it is decompressed. ProgressiveJPEGEncoding is off by default.


ProgressiveJPEGEncoding = true
RegisteredTo Returns the name of the customer or company who purchased the component or "Evaluation" if the component is an evaluation copy.
Strikeout True/false value determines if font is strikeout or not.


Image.Strikeout = False
TextAlign Sets the text alignment for calls to TextOut. The default value is 0 (left).
Value Description
0 Left
2 Right
6 Center

Image.TextAlign = 6

TextAngle The TextAngle property determines the angle the text written with TextOut is written at. By default TextAngle is 0.


Image.TextAngle = 90
ThreeDColor Sets the text color used for 3d text.


Image.ThreeDColor = &h80000011
Transparent Determines if an image is transparent for GIF or PNG files. False by default. (available in version >= 2.31)
TransparentColor Determines the color used for transparencies when saving a GIF, or PNG image. (PNG require version >= 2.26). Setting TransparentColor automatically sets the Transparent property to true (starting with version 2.31).


Image.TransparentColor = vbWhite
TransparentText Determines whether the TextOut method writes text to the image in transparent mode or not. By default this property is true.


Image.TransparentText = true
Underline True/false value determines if font is underlined or not.


Image.Underline = False
Version Gets the internal component version number.


Response.Write "Component Version: " & Image.Version
X The X property indicates the current X (horizontal) position of the cursor on the image.


Image.X = 10
Y The Y property indicates the current Y (vertical) position of the cursor on the image.


Image.Y = 10

ASPImage Component Methods

Method Parameters Return Value Description
AddAnimationControl intDelay, bolTransparent, intTransparentColor N/A Adds an animation control block to the GIF animation sequence. intDelay is miliseconds to delay till the next image. (available in version >= 1.8)

Image.AddAnimationControl intDelay, false, 0

AddFont strFontFileName True/False Adds a new font resource dynamically to the internal system font tables. After calling AddFont you can use the new font name in the FontName property. AddFont should only be called once per font in an application. strFontFileName may be either a .FON font resource file, a .FNT raw bitmap font file, a .TTF raw TrueType file, or a .FOT TrueType resource file. (available in version >= 2.04)

if Image.AddFont ("e:\sites\pub\fonts\custom.ttf") then ...

AddImage strFileName, intX, intY True/False Adds a new image to the canvas using the intX and intY coordinates.
AddImageToAnimation N/A N/A Adds the current image to the GIF animation. StartAnimation must be called before calling AddImageToAnimation. See SaveAnimation. (available in version >= 1.8)


AddImageTransparent strFileName, intX, intY, intTransparentColor True/False Adds a new image to the canvas using the intX and intY coordinates. intTransparent in the image strFilename is treated as transparent. intTransparentColor is the exact color to make transparent. "Similar" colors are not replaced.

Image.AddImageTransparent "d:\apps\gr3\im.jpg", 5, 12, vbWhite

AngleArc intX, intY, intRadius, dblStartDegrees, dblSweepDegrees N/A The AngleArc function draws a line segment and an arc. The line segment is drawn from the current position to the beginning of the arc. The arc is drawn along the perimeter of a circle with the given radius and center. The length of the arc is defined by the given start and sweep angles. (available in version >= 1.8)

Image.AngleArc 50, 60, 60, 50, 90

Arc intX1, intY1, intX2, intY2, intX3, intY3, intX4, intY4 N/A Draws an arc on the image along the perimeter of the ellipse bounded by the specified rectangle.
BeginPath N/A N/A Opens a path bracket (see EndPath and FillPath). Methods with support paths: Polyline, Polygon, PolyBezier.
Blur intTimes N/A Blurs image intTimes (available in version >= 2.0)


Image.Blur 2

BrightenImage intDegree N/A Makes the existing image appear brighter.


Image.BrightenImage 30

Chord intX1, intY1, intX2, intY2, intX3, intY3, intX4, intY4 N/A Draws a closed figure represented by the intersection of a line and an ellipse.
ClearImage N/A N/A Clears the image canvas using the current BackgroundColor as the fill color.
ClearTexture N/A N/A ClearTexture unloads the current texture so that future calls to TextOut and other drawing functions don't use the loaded texture any more.  (available in version >= 2.25)
Contrast intDegree N/A Modifies the image contrast. intDegree should be -100 to 100. (available in version >= 2.0)


Image.Contrast 15

CreateBlackWhite N/A N/A Turns the current image into a monochrome image. It is suggested that you call this method early in your image creation to allow further modifications to the image to convert to BW properly. Otherwise you may end up with a completely black picture during the final conversion. One possible solution to this is to call CreateGrayScale first and then call CreateBlackWhite. (available in version >= 2.25)
CreateGrayScale  N/A N/A Turns the current image into a Gray Scale image. (available in version >= 2.25)
intBorder, bolSoft N/A Creates a button like border around the image for intBorder pixels. If bolSoft is true the button border is softened.


Image.CreateButton 10, true

CreateNegative N/A N/A Creates a negative image effect of the current image.
CropImage intStartX, intStartY, intWidth, intHeight N/A Crops the image using the X, Y, width and height specified.
DarkenImage intDegree N/A Darkens the image to the intDegree


Image.DarkenImage 30

DoMerge strFileName, intPercent N/A Loads strFileName (full path to a BMP, or JPG file) and then merges with the existing image. The higher intPercent is to 100 the more predominant strFileName will be seen over the existing image. intPercent should be inbetween 1-99. (available in version >= 1.8) 

If you have problems loading an image with LoadImage, DoMerge won't work either. This function uses the same load function. So if you are not able to successfully do a merge, try loading the image first with LoadImage. If that doesn't work then use the FAQ section of this document to determine why LoadImage cannot successfully load the image. Once that works then try DoMerge. 


DoMerge "c:\webs\shared\images\logo.jpg", 20

Emboss N/A N/A Gives the current image an embossed look.
EndPath N/A N/A Closes a path bracket (see BeginPath and FillPath).
Ellipse intX1, intY1, intX2, intY2 N/A Ellipse draws the ellipse defined by a bounding rectangle on the image.
FillPath N/A N/A The FillPath function closes any open figures in the current path and fills the path's interior by using the current brush and polygon-filling mode. (available in version >= 1.8).

Dim aRgnPts(5,1)

aRgnPts(0,0) = 182
aRgnPts(0,1) = 34
aRgnPts(1,0) = 210
aRgnPts(1,1) = 72
aRgnPts(2,0) = 212
aRgnPts(2,1) = 112
aRgnPts(3,0) = 146
aRgnPts(3,1) = 112
aRgnPts(4,0) = 146
aRgnPts(4,1) = 76

Image.BrushStyle = 6
Image.BrushColor = vbRed
Image.Polygon aRgnPts

FillRect intLeft, intTop, intRight, intBottom N/A FillRect fills the specified rectangle on the image.
FishEye intDegree N/A Creates a "FishEye" effect from the current loaded image.  (version 2.21 or higher)

Image.FishEye 1

FlipImage intDirection N/A Flips the image

Valid values for intDirection are:

  • 1 : Horizontal
  • 2 : Vertical
FloodFill intX, intY, intColor, intFillStyle N/A Use FloodFill to fill a possibly non-rectangular region of the image. The boundaries of the region to be filled are determined by moving outward from the point (X,Y) until a color boundary involving the Color parameter is encountered. Floodfill uses the BackgroundColor and BrushStyle properties.

Legal values for intFillStyle are:

Value Type Description
0 Surface Fills all area that has the color indicated by the intColor parameter but stops when another color intersects.
1 Border Fills all area that does not have the color indicated by the intColor parameter but stops when intColor intersects.
FrameRect intLeft, intTop, intRight, intBottom N/A Draws a 1 pixel wide border around a rectangular region using the points specified.
GetImageFileSize strFileName, intX, intY N/A Gets the dimensions of the image file strFileName (GIF, PNG, JPG and BMP supported) and returns the X,Y dimensions in intX and intX. strFileName must be a full pathname.
GetPixel intX, intY intColor Returns the pixel color for intX, intY
GradientOneWay intBeginColor, intEndColor, intDirection N/A Creates a one way gradient beginning with the color intBeginColor and ending in the color specified by intEndColor.

intDirection may be

0 up
1 down
2 left
3 right
GradientTwoWay intBeginColor, intEndColor, intDirection, intInOut N/A Creates a two way gradient beginning with the color intBeginColor and ending in the color specified by intEndColor.
LineTo intX, intY N/A Creates a line from properties X, Y and going to intX, intY.
LoadBlob ovBlob, intType True/False LoadBlob is designed to allow the loading of binary image data from other AspImage objects (using the .Image property for ovBlob) or from other data sources where binary image data is available via an OLE variant pointer. ovBlob is an OLE variant pointing to raw image data. The raw image data is loaded onto the AspImage canvas.The parameter intType indicates what type of format the binary data is in. Valid intTypes are:
  • 1: JPEG
  • 2: BMP


Set Image = Server.CreateObject("AspImage.Image")
Image.LoadImage ("d:\inetpub\wwwroot\images\map.jpg")
Image.FlipImage 2
Image.ImageFormat = 1

Set Image2 = Server.CreateObject("AspImage.Image")
Image2.LoadBlob Image.Image, 1
rem Image2 now has a flipped image of map.jpg

LoadImage strFileName True/False Loads an existing image into the image canvas. You can load JPG, PNG and BMP files.

strFileName must be a local server file, not a file located on a remote server.

LoadImage resets font changes so that changes to the font size, name and characteristics for new text are lost. If you use the LoadImage procedure be sure you make fonts modifications after the call to LoadImage.

LoadTexture strFileName True/False Loads an existing image to be used as a textured brush during calls to TextOut and other drawing functions. Not all drawing functions will use the texture so some experimentation may be necessary to get the desired effect. Use ClearTexture to unload the texture when finished.  (available in version >= 2.25)

Note: Textures are not applied properly to rotated (angled) text.

Image.LoadTexture "d:\images\texture\bubbles.bmp"

Mosaic intX, intY N/A Creates a mosaic pattern from the current image. intX and intY specify the degree to which the X and Y axis are modified.  (version 2.21 or higher)

Image.Mosaic 5, 1

Pie intX1, intY1, intX2, intY2, intX3, intY3, intX4, intY4 N/A Draws a pie-shaped the section of the ellipse bounded by the rectangle (X1, Y1) and (X2, Y2) on the image.
PolyBezier aryPoints N/A Draws one or more Bézier curves. Max of 99 points supported in a single call to PolyBezier. (available in version >= 1.8)

Dim RgnPts(3,1)

RgnPts(0,0) = 79
RgnPts(0,1) = 70
RgnPts(1,0) = 64
RgnPts(1,1) = 86
RgnPts(2,0) = 47
RgnPts(2,1) = 88
Image.PolyBezier RgnPts

Polygon aryPoints N/A Polygon draws a series of lines on the canvas connecting the points passed in and closing the shape by drawing a line from the last point to the first point. (available in version >= 1.8)

Dim RgnPts(4,1)

RgnPts(0,0) = 70
RgnPts(0,1) = 76
RgnPts(1,0) = 310
RgnPts(1,1) = 350
RgnPts(2,0) = 200
RgnPts(2,1) = 450
RgnPts(3,0) = 100
RgnPts(3,1) = 300
Image.Polygon RgnPts

PolyLine aryPoints N/A Polyline draws a series of lines on the canvas with the current pen. Each of the points are connected. (available in version >= 1.8)

Dim RgnPts(3,1)

RgnPts(0,0) = 79
RgnPts(0,1) = 70
RgnPts(1,0) = 64
RgnPts(1,1) = 86
RgnPts(2,0) = 47
RgnPts(2,1) = 88
Image.PolyLine RgnPts

Rectangle intX1, intY1, intX2, intY2 N/A Creates a rectangle using the points specified.
Resize intWidth, intHeight N/A Resizes image to intWidth, intHeight. See ResizeR also.
ResizeR intWidth, intHeight N/A Resizes an image to intWidth, intHeight by resampling. Produces a higher quality image than the Resize method. (available in version >= 2.0)
RotateImage intDegrees N/A Rotates image to specified angle.
RoundRect intX1, intY1, intX2, intY2, intX3, intY3 N/A Creates a round rectangle using the points specified.
Saturation intDegree N/A Adjusts the saturation value for the image. (available in version >= 2.21) 

Image.Saturation 50

SaveAnimation N/A True/False Saves the current GIF animation to the file indicated by the FileName property. (available in version >= 1.8)


SaveImage N/A True/False Saves the current image canvas into the file specified in the property FileName.
SetPixel intX, intY, intColor N/A Set the pixel at location intX, intY to intColor. (available in version >= 1.8)

for i = 10 to 50
Image.SetPixel 5+(rnd*10), i, vbGreen

Sharpen intValue N/A Performs a sharpen function on the image using intValue (available in version >= 2.0)

Image.Sharpen 1

StartAnimation bolLoop N/A Starts an animation sequence for animated GIFs. bolLoop indicates whether the animation sequence will loop or not. (available in version >= 1.8)

Image.StartAnimation true

StrokeAndFillPath N/A N/A Closes any open figures in a path, strokes the outline of the path by using the current pen, and fills its interior by using the current brush.  (available in version >= 1.8)
TextOut strText, intX, intY, bol3d N/A TextOut writes a text value using the current font, color and other characteristics to the image at the location specified by intX and intY. If bol3d is true then the text is rendered using a 3d look.
TextHeight strValue Integer Returns the text height for strValue using the current font, font size and font characteristics.
TextWidth strValue Integer Returns the text width for strValue using the current font, font size and font characteristics.
TintImage intColor N/A Takes an existing image and shades the image with tints of intColor.


Image.TintImage vbBlue

Twist intDegree N/A Creates a "twist" pattern from the current image. intDegree specifies degree to which the image is twisted.  (version 2.21 or higher)

Note: Twist will only modify pixels from 0 ,0 through the minimum X or Y size. To have the full picture twisted X and Y must be equal.

Image.Twist 50

Wave intGraphicSize, intWaveSize N/A Creates a wave effect using blocks intGraphicSize x intGraphicSize with a wave size of intWaveSize. intGraphicSize should be smaller than your graphic height and width and intWaveSize tops out around a value of 50.  (available in version >= 2.0)

Image.Wave 10 1


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